Award of Merit of National creative Calligraphy group 


Award of Merit, Calligraphy, Ci-guang Shan Humanities 


Award Taiwan Shortlist, Calligraphy, Taiwan Arts and Culture Award 3rd Place, Ink Wash, Taiwan Arts and Culture Award

3rd place, Calligraphy 56th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Taiwan Center 

"As an Chinese artist, I always want the world to see the beauty of Chinese art. I am dedicated to make it happen rather than wait for it to happen. “

— by Artist Ku Chi-Chun

A fantastic artist with extreme skill and beauty poured into her works, is currently managing media operations of her studio. She specializes in using oriental media creations such as calligraphy, engraving, and glue painting.  She graduated from the National Taiwanese University of Arts with Fine Arts , and Taichung University of Education with a Master’s Degree for History of Art and Artistic Creation. Previously an academic artist, Chi-Chun turned to the market-oriented artistic lifestyle, with her artworks have been sold in the Contemporary Art Exhibition in Musée du Louvre, and Museums in the US, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China. Asset Culture Protection Division also collect her artworks. 

The most important element of the arts that machines and electronic art products cannot replace is uniqueness. Limited quantity, delicacy, and originality are the main factors that attract consumers. With China and Eastern Asian culture making its way to the Western hemisphere, the shrouding mystery of what lies in Asia is the reason collectors are yearning for Chinese artworks. Clients especially like Chi-Chun’s abstract artworks, as they embody both the concept of simplicity and modernization found in the East Asian world. 

Each piece Chi-Chun creates is unparalleled in beauty and grace, form and purity. Her works are limited in quantity, so please consider purchasing a piece yourself; add her artistic creations to your artwork collection today!


Media reports

Published Works

2018 Culture Exchange Between Taipei and Phoenix Arizona , Arizona Capital Museum , Exhibition Hall. California,America.(U.S.A)

2018  Modern Art Gallery, Taichung,(Taiwan)

2018 Flower Waltz Ku Chi-Chun Solo Exhibition,Taichung Airport,(Taiwan)

2017 Ku Chi-Chun Art Creation and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Presentation,    Mercedes-Benz AMG Kaohsiung, (Taiwan)

2017 Chinese character festival ,Shenzhen ,(China)

2016  Chinese and Foreigner Artist Art Show ,Beijing National Stadium, (China)

2015 Art Busan, Bexco Exhibition Hall 2 (1-2F),Pusan ,( Korea ) 

2015 On Site, Visual.URS21 , Chung Shan Ceative Hub.Taipei.(Taiwan)

2015 Formosa Art Show .Humble House Taipei. (Taiwan)


2015 ART KAOHSIUONG, Pier2 Art Center , (Taiwan)

2015 Taipei Free Art Fair, Taipei, (Taiwan)

2014. Taiwan Arts Fair . Taipei City ,  SHIN KONG MITKOSUKOSI . (Taiwan)

2015  New Century Art Show ,Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei.(Taiwan)
2015 Taipei-ing. HOPE EGG Exhibition .Taipei (Taiwan)

2014, FACE-OFF Art Space Association Exhibition, Tai-Ding Construct, Taichung, Taiwan  (Taiwan)

2015 Chinese Famous Artist Exhibition,.Fuzhou City,China.
2014 Chinese Famous Artist Exhibition,Li Wo-yuan Museum,(China) 

2014.Young Artist Fair . JD BECCA ART. Taipei City. Taiwan. (Taiwan)

2015 Taipei Free Art Fair, Taipei,Taiwan.
2015On Site, Visual.URS21 URS21 Chung Shan Ceative Hub.Taipei.Taiwan

2015 ART PUSAN.Korea
2015Taipeiling.HOPE EGG exhibition.taipei.taiwan
2015 formosa art show .Humble House Taipei. style+ gallery 
2014.Young Artist Fair . JD BECCA ART. Taipei City. Taiwan.(R.O.C) 
2014. Taiwan Arts Fair . Taipei City ,  SHIN KONG MITKOSUKOSI . Taiwan.(R.O.C) 
2014, 「chún」Modern Ink Wash Exhibition, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
2014 Chic Calligraphy . freedom man Art Gallery. Taichung City.Taiwan
2014, FACEOFF Art Space Association Exhibition, Tai-Ding Construct, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
2013, Calligraphy selling exhibition, Dayatang, Shanghai, China 
2011, New Generation association exhibition, Pastoral Gallery, Nantou, Puli, Taiwan 
2011, Master Degree Association Exhibition in National Taichung University of Education, Dadun Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan 
2010, Ku Chi-Chun Calligraphy solo exhibition, Dali Library, Taichung, Taiwan 
2007, the exhibition of National Cultural Award of R.O.C., Tainan City, Taiwan
2006, "Man of Letters", Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station, Taipei City, Taiwan


2016 黃子佼 創藝多瑙河 人間衛視 玩轉灑鹽書墨畫 專訪藝術家辜琪鈞
2016 全國廣播 文創wonderland節目 專訪辜琪鈞胡桃鉗個展
2016 中廣新聞網 專訪辜琪鈞胡桃鉗個展
2015日本大阪電視台 Osaka TV 大阪暖和台灣特輯 介紹台灣藝術家辜琪鈞 2015華視教育文化電視台 藝術夢想家 時尚的書墨藝術




2016 1893 boutique magazine . june 

2016 ARTCO 今藝術 jun. p169

2016 Arch Magazine 雅趣時尚生活 living and style P136.137

2016 Taiwan floral no.371台灣花藝。封底畫作介紹。養樂多股份有限公司提供
 2016 法國百年家俱品牌ligne roset apr.2016#03.P79

Vogue Taiwan 當代書墨畫的時尚魅力 

Art Appreciation 2014/03 p.98 藝術鑒賞雜志 新銳 水墨

HOUSE STYLE No.60 Chic Calligraphy 時尚書墨藝術家 辜琪鈞


2018東⻄西名⼈人誌,Dior woman’s party 藝術家辜琪鈞


2018 全球唯一彩墨節 花綻滿台中屯藝中心,新唐人亞太台
2016 全國廣播 文創wonderland節目 專訪辜琪鈞胡桃鉗個展
2016 中廣新聞網 專訪辜琪鈞胡桃鉗個展

2018.April典藏今藝術&投資,「華漾─青年年藝術家聯聯展」 2017/2/15,職涯達⼈人經驗分享,維多莉亞搶先體驗,⾃自由時報 2017/5/16豐富創意設計喚起公眾漢字情感,深圳晚報,中國
2018 詮釋花與城市 台中彩墨藝術節今登場,自由時報
2018 4/27 Arizona Chinese News 亞省日報 ,台灣知名畫家劉涓與辜琪鈞書畫聯展與首都博物館 舉行
2018 正妹里長號召 藝術家歲末關懷揮毫送暖
2018 彩繪Lucas大軍壓境 首站前進台中UNO市集
2018杜拜阿拉伯旅遊展 台灣清真美食掛保證
2018 跨界合作 博藝畫廊x日日心塾 搭起青年藝術家與社區交流的橋樑
2017台盟中央海峽兩岸書畫院在北京成立,首辦名家交流展 2016記得穿美美der!超好拍時尚餐廳 照片還可印在咖啡上
2016VA VA VOOM將餐飲融入藝術活力品味舌尖上的時尚派對
2016VA VA VOOM法式派對風餐廳 舞動美學味蕾
2016VA VA VOOM法式派對風餐廳 舞動美學味蕾

2016yahoo新聞杯裝花茶變身行動藝廊,隨身品味生活美學 2016HINETNET新聞-行動藝廊概念設計花茶包裝吸睛 2016TVBS行動藝廊概念設計,花茶包裝吸睛








2013台藝術家名信片創作,公益前進非洲 2013中華廠爐書法協會新北市揮毫贈春聯

2008 Interviewed by New Chinese TV
2010 Interviewed by Nantou City TV
2014 Apple News 書法家舉辦義賣助賑災
2013 Interviewed by Apple NEWS , TVBS NEWS , CitTV , Sharp Daily, ..etc
2013 Interviewed by Japanese TV , Osaka , 大阪ほんわかテレビ 祝1000回記念番組 Tai- wanese famous Calligraphist

2014 Interviewed by Apple News 2014 Interviewed by CTV NEWS

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